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Chapter 2.31

Two hundred and thirty four tiles. I’d counted them. I had little else to do but stare at the ceiling. I could have just counted the vertical and horizontal and multiplied them but that would have been too easy. Two … Continue reading

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Chapter 2.30 – Interlude 11

There were various postcodes known as the ‘red’ zones. Years ago the MCPS had had a grading system. It went green, blue, amber and red. Green was the cushy neighbourhoods. Everyone hated getting a green-shift. You were dealing with old … Continue reading

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Chapter 2.29

“Move!” I ignored it. She wasn’t breathing. That meant I had to do it for her. I resisted the shove someone gave me. “Alexis! You don’t have a clue what you’re doing. I do. Move!” She slapped me. It didn’t … Continue reading

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Chapter 2.28 – Interlude 10

It had all happened so fast, one moment they were stuck in the snow – not much to worry about, she’d had it happen plenty of times before. But Alexis had been acting odd. She just looked so worried – … Continue reading

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