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Chapter 4.15

Heavy drops burst on my face, forming pools against my closed eyelids. I could hear the hollow patter of them hitting the armour on chest. I feared someone might hear, but soon the roar of raindrops smashing into every surface around … Continue reading

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Chapter 4.14

I looked down at my hands. It was too dark to really see more than the shape, too dark to see the blood I could feel, prickling as it dried in air. It stuck the skin of my fingers together … Continue reading

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Chapter 4.13

Once within the relative safety of the building I chanced a glance at my surroundings. There was just enough light to get an idea of depth. It wasn’t large. Tight, crowded, busy, full of detail I couldn’t make out. I … Continue reading

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Chapter 4.12

I crouched low and moved fast. After thirty steps I fired a random shot into the unknown. A guess that was all. My goal wasn’t really to hit anyone. With the daylight failing, the air around me flashed a white … Continue reading

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