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Chapter 3.24 – Interlude 19

“Miss Andrews, this is a matter of utmost importance. We need to know if you discussed anything that would give us an idea of where she might be at this time.” He stood over her desk and jabbed at the … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.23 – Interlude 18

Pain. Through the fog, it was the one constant. Her throat hurt. Breathing hurt. Her legs hurt. She tried to move them, to rid them of the pins and needles that plagued her muscles. She couldn’t. Movement was beyond her. … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.22

“Shit, go back, go back.” Danni had her gun up, pointing down the corridor. “They’ll be here in seconds.” Sure enough, two men came around the corner at a sprint. This, they were ready for. The reason there were so … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.21

Danni opened the door and darted her head out into the corridor. She motioned for us to follow. It made sense for her to lead. Other than knowing where to go, she wasn’t suspicious. No one would be alarmed seeing … Continue reading

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