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Chapter 3.07

Turns out fireworks didn’t do much in an industrial incinerator. “I thought they’d like, explode it!” Jack said, kicking the hulking steel shape protruding from the floor. “Stupid thing.” “Well, there’s probably far more energy being produced by whatever heats … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.06

It appeared that Jack was winning, but then he did throw the first punch. It was hardly fair. He’d been outwitted, proved to be the inferior in the field of verbal repartee. He needed to show his dominance as leader. … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.05

Well, that was interesting. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him. He sounded convincing, but they would be, wouldn’t they? The fact that he arrived late, his nervousness, his obvious interest in things that didn’t tie in, it didn’t suggest … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.04 – Interlude 15

Arthur kept his breathing short, aware of the cold blade against his throat. He just didn’t feel like moving too much would be a good idea. But he still had to take in air; each breath came fast and shallow. … Continue reading

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