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Chapter 1.31

The next week my walk to school was tough – The weather was too warm to get the kind of foot-deep snow that happens mid-winter but it managed to be icy and slushy at the same time. The wind cut … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.30

“So, how did you get that rather impressive black eye?” she said in a slightly more upbeat tone. “Oh god, I swear if one more person asks me that…” I sighed. “I got in a fight with a couple of … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.29

We split up for our next classes. I was just thinking how lucky I was avoiding Haley and her friends for a whole day when I heard her high laugh from behind me. I sped up to try get to … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.28

I ignored him, really hoping he was talking to someone next to me or that he would give up if I didn’t respond. But he didn’t give up, waiting patiently for my answer. When it got to the point where … Continue reading

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