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Off to sea…

I’ve spent the day being dunked underwater and practicing turning liferafts over. Lovely with a 6°C sea temperature… The reason is I will be setting sail on a T45 Destroyer – this means I will be at least a week without any … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.22

I didn’t go back home. That would have been stupid with all the stuff. I’d come across a solution after browsing the internet About two blocks away from the flat I met the guy at the address he’d given me … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.21

School was… sleepy. I didn’t really pay much attention in class. Lunchtime was similar to the rest of the week. I listened to Beth and Mike but this time Beth would look at me and smile, and the tension of … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.20

I spent the two and a half hours walking home from Beth’s house with a full stomach and constantly feeling the back of my head. She’d said it was mostly a ‘pixie’ cut. Well her actual words were ‘bastardised pixie’ … Continue reading

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