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Chapter 3.32 – Interlude 25

A quick snatch and grab, Priority Two. Get in, get the target, get out. Keep it simple. Keep it clean. No fucking mess. He triple checked his pistol, and tightened the sound suppressor again before shoving it back in his … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.31 – Interlude 24

“Well, she’s stable.” The doctor said in a hushed voice. Boyd pulled himself to his feet, away from the bedside of his sleeping daughter. He let his hand linger a few moments on her arm before stepping back and joining the … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.30 – Interlude 23

“Bethany?” His voice choked with emotion, a cruel mix of hope and fear. Strange, that seconds ago it was so stern and angry. Emma took a step back as a woman, a doctor, rushed in. Beth’s hands clawed at her … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.29 – Interlude 22

The lights burned. Even with her eyes shut the red glare felt like needles were being driven into her skull. Headache wasn’t sufficient to describe how much it hurt. Where’s Alex? Where’s Dad? She tried to speak, but her mouth … Continue reading

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