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Chapter 2.42

Dr Romanoff screwed the filtration unit back into its housing. The whole delivery system had been redesigned from the ground up, the incubator had been modified beyond recognition. He’d spent particular care over the calcium supply– increasing its throughput tenfold. … Continue reading

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Chapter 2.41

White noise and dark. No sense of time passing, just complete confusion. Cold hit me like I’d never felt before. Colder than landing in a heap in the snow. Colder than the harsh wind cutting through a worn jacket. It … Continue reading

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Chapter 2.40 – Interlude 13

Arthur slammed on the brakes too late and the borrowed car careered into the other MCPD vehicle the girl had just jumped out of. Great, more damage to explain. He didn’t know who the hell she was but she was … Continue reading

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Chapter 2.39

I ran for about a few long seconds before it even occurred to me I needed a direction. Just running anywhere wasn’t going to help. The best way to get away from these people was to get to the Island. … Continue reading

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