Interesting Stats

I find this stuff interesting, so if people are curious these are some books statistics:

Who are you?


There’s a very good chance you’re from one of the main English speaking countries, understandably. 55% of you are American, 12% are British, 6.5% Canadian and 5.4% Australian.

Our next is Germany, but I’m guessing that there’s a 5.1% chance you’re my long time reader anonymus :P

The rest of the world still represents a quite sizable 15% but chances are a lot of these are just views on the home page rather than readers (but maybe not!)

What have you read?


October 11

This graph illustrates really well how important you’re first chapter is! I think mine could be stronger, but I don’t want to go back and change it.

Only 20% of the readers get on to Chapter 2. We shed another half again in the next few with 12% of those reaching chapter 20. Overall, I can say that one in ten of the people who dipped in their toe started to read which I’m really quite happy with.

It also gives me a reasonable idea of how many readers I have. 200 or so! Hurah. This doesn’t count RRS or email reads too.

November 6th


I updated the graph, It’s not approaching the 500 mark. (I’ve had nearly as many views in October as the whole 9 months before that)

I also split up the graph into two 30 day chunks (and the rest). Really good at illustrating how the people who are reading all the way through then start reading on each update – and everything adds together to become quite level.






3 Responses to Interesting Stats

  1. Don says:

    The reason your first chapter is rated so highly viewer-wise is because that is the page ‘topwebfiction’ links to, webfictionguide primarily links to, and probably other places that got their links through those sites.

    It’s actually… not a good thing. You really really need to get working on having your latest post be the primary landing spot – there’s a reason why all of the most popular comics, blogs and stories do this (note: Worm’s main page does this. Hint hint…) I have to say from personal experience that it’s a minor annoyance every time I visit the site through topwebfiction to have to click through two pages (first from the Chapter One post to your ‘about’ page’, then from there finding the mildly obscured link to the current page…) in order to see the latest post.

    Of course, you always want to have an easy and highly visible link to the ‘new readers start here’ first chapter… but the statistics you’re seeing are a problem with the site structure, not a commentary on how good your first chapter is.

    • agreyworld says:

      Hi, I checked and worms WFG link goes to its first page – though its home page is the latest chapter if you just type in the site earl.

      I made the decision when I didn’t have any readers, so yeah I think you are right that I should probably think of changing it.

      If you want to see the latest chapter, select the “read” tab on any page or bookmark the link

      I’ll certainly consider making that home though, thanks

    • flame7926 says:

      I disagree with this completely. The people who are clicking the link from external sites like google, topwebfiction and webfiction guide are primarily new readers, and it really sucks to have a bit of the story spoiled for you.

      It would also be practically impossible to have the most recent post the most viewed just because of how much longer the older posts have been out there for. If I was starting reading something, I wouldn’t want to be taken directly to the end, I would want to start at a home page with links to the beginning and end.

      Also, for Worm and others where the most recent one is the one linked, it is actually the page that is the blog that is the home page. It is still the home page, so it wouldn’t change their statistics. So its not the latest post which is getting the landing spot views, its the blog page. Which in Worm’s case is the same as the home page. On this blog it is the “Read” tab.

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