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Chapter 2.40 – Interlude 13

Arthur slammed on the brakes too late and the borrowed car careered into the other MCPD vehicle the girl had just jumped out of. Great, more damage to explain. He didn’t know who the hell she was but she was … Continue reading

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Chapter 2.39

I ran for about a few long seconds before it even occurred to me I needed a direction. Just running anywhere wasn’t going to help. The best way to get away from these people was to get to the Island. … Continue reading

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Chapter 2.38

I saw stars, pinpricks of light tracing around my vision. It hurt. Of course it was going to hurt. But the shock – I hadn’t prepared for it. You can’t, not if you are going to try hurt yourself. You … Continue reading

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Chapter 2.37

They were here because of Haley. Head injuries could be unexpected, one day someone will smash your head into concrete and you’ll be a little dazed. Get unlucky, someone hits you in a certain way and it’s game over. I … Continue reading

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