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Chapter 3.41

My eyes shot open as soon as our lips touched. A moment. No, longer. Seconds. All thought stopped. My confusion, inability to decide on what to do, overwhelmed. A blissful calm, where I wasn’t trying to figure out what I … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.40

“This is Beth,” I said. I didn’t want to have a conversation on the doorstep, so I pressed forwards. Danni turned aside to let us through, keeping one arm outstretched, holding the door open. I had to turn sideways to … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.39

“Alex,” I missed her touch as soon as her fingertips left my skin. “Who were those men?” Nothing better to jolt you back to the here and now that the ‘how did you end up getting my father killed?’ question. … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.38

She… would she do that? Say where I, we were? They were the words of a threat. “Do I still have a choice?” she asked. Her hand fluttered to her throat again. I blinked as I my mind whirred from … Continue reading

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