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Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not going to force myself to write them and have something not worth reading.

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This is a serial webnovel updating twice weekly (Mondays and Fridays currently 00:00 GMT, though may move to 01:00 GMT the next day when Daylight Saving Time starts in the UK at some point in the unknown future). It follows Alexis, who has gone all out badass. Yeah, her mom’s an abusive druggie and her father is [classified]. Oh, and school’s no better, having a resident psychopath. As a new member of the hitting-people-in-the-head school of therapy, she sets about taking out her problems on the local drug cartel. What could go wrong there? At least she has some shoddy home-made armour…

Expect harsh language and some graphic violence.

A note form the Author:

Please point out any errors, even if it’s something fundamentally wrong that I can’t correct.

I’m writing this because I’ve enjoyed other peoples work so much. I’m not trying to get loads of readers,  but if you do read it and have any feedback please leave support the serial. It makes me happy.

If, for some strange reason you want to contact me email hanvyj gmail com.

39 Responses to Home

  1. sierrebwarts says:

    Just found your blog thanks to topwebfiction, burned through it in a night and really enjoyed. Keep up the good work!

  2. There is no Right. There is no wrong. There is only Justice.

  3. Everyone has a breaking point. Alexis just found hers.

    When black and white isn’t good enough, Alexis finds her place in, A Grey World.

  4. my pleasure, and my pleasure.

    Alexis is done hiding, and her world will never be the same.

  5. Oh, and school’s no better having a resident psychopath.

    Comma, maybe?

  6. daniel says:

    really like this, just wanted you to know that :)
    one of the better ones by far, really hope you keep writing it and i hate waiting for chapters to come out.

  7. chizzy says:

    typo above: A note form the Author:

    • agreyworld says:

      How ironic.

      Plus, that’s been there for nearly a year… Thanks

      • zeuseus says:

        It’s still there as ‘form’. just thought you should know in case you tried to change it and it didn’t work.

        Also, I love the story so far, archive binged over the weekend, now I’m sad cos I have to wait.

  8. pilot says:

    This is just one of those quick comments saying that i really enjoyed this web serial and that will recommend it 2 my friends

  9. Eric says:

    Yeah, I’m seriously liking this one. Kinda didn’t like how Alexis knuckled under to Haley, and then you just had to bring her back into the story to cause more damage by some unlikely plot gymnastics :S Really hope that chick gets one between the eyes, and soon.

    On a side note, I’ve yet to really see any ‘grey’ in this story. The morals have been pretty strongly black and white so far. The bad guys are all stereotypically bad – the drugs thing isn’t, of course, that’s each individual’s choice and if they want to use hard drugs and destroy their body, then so be it, it serves to clean out the gene pool. If it was just that it might make attacking and killing them grey, but they’re also into sex slavery so that makes it clearly black and white. Same with the government and the ‘specials,’ they’re pretty much blatant bad guys between the government turning a blind eye to ‘red’ zones and to the actions of their special forces/gestapo, and the specials themselves doing whatever makes their job easier with no concern for morality. Not to mention their whole job being to cover up the government’s mistakes and shortcomings so the people never have to acknowledge them.

    I’m wondering if there’s some point at which it will become grey? I mean, she could be running around killing all these people outright (it WOULD make more sense for her to be a hitgirl style vigilante instead of going the batman route) and still be morally clean.

    Also, are there going to be any more facets to Alexis’ modified genome? I mean, so far all we’ve got is (not very) increased musculature and (not very much) faster healing. At the very least it would be more impressive if her healing was good enough that she was at least recovered from things like sprained ankles and a couple of broken finger bones in a day or two instead of the weeks these injuries have persisted. But you’d really think that the mad scientist would have gone for some more extreme changes – plenty of animals out there have genes that allow things like greatly enhanced reaction times, better senses of sight, smell and hearing or even entirely new sense like the ability to detect the magnetic signatures of living beings, that kind of thing. Maybe at least when she actually gets to spend enough time to get her body into top-shape she’ll become impressively strong, or uncover some new attributes that have been suppressed by her habit of always being either starving or devoting all her resources to healing.

    She definitely ought to be looking at some implants since these have been mentioned in the story already – if they have implants for such unnecessary items as communications gear then they have probably dealt with a lot of the problems with implants and the military has probably developed some pretty badass options in the couple hundred years implied since the present. No ammount of technological stagnation in the area microchips and other miniaturization problems would stop people from finding new uses for old technology. Besides, its implied pretty heavily that they’re still making significant technological progress at least in the area of spaceship weaponry, so its probably the same for other fields. Some sort of bone reinforcement would be a good option for our protagnist – perhaps carbon nanotube supports or casings, they ought to have figured out how to produce the stuff in some quantity and quality by this time. A holdout weapon wouldn’t be a bad idea considering she gets captured on every other operation she goes on – finger blades for getting out of plasticuffs maybe. She’d certainly have the advantage in terms of large scale implantation, as she heals faster than normal and supposedly without scarring (so presumably without permanent damage to other tissue as well). I could certainly see this coming into play when she INEVITABLY gets captured by the specials, as they experiment on her and try to figure out how to make her a better weapon (the author seems to love that drama inducing cliche a little too much, the supposedly strong heroine getting captured and rendered vulnerable).

    She could also probably stand to enhance herself on the logistical side of things. Again, it’s the future and the fact that processor miniaturization has stalled doesn’t mean all tech has. In fact it’s been pointed out that it HASN’T. There’s efficient wireless power – that’s a tech we already have using coupled magnetic fields, though the one company really pushing it has only recently started distributing tech packages to assorted companies so that they can design applications. Still, Alexis’ idea with the tasers is a really good one, and could be applied to a lot of other tech. Indeed, it’s been implied that she’s at least well above average in book smarts, possibly to the degree that it’s another facet of her enhanced genetics (it would seem obvious that a scientist would look first at intelligence as a way of improving humanity, and there is ALREADY loads of information out there on the genetic basis of intelligence). It wouldn’t be a stretch at all as she gets more established and gets a more regular cash-flow to cast her as a bit of a gadgeteer type hero. Building high-energy remotely powered tasers would be just a tiny step. Also they could be built directly into (insulated) gloves to make them always available. With a decent battery pack (or small fuel-cell, I have to assume that these people have done SOMETHING to make those things more efficient in a couple centuries) tucked into the small of her back or somewhere else on her costume, she could have a lot of gadgets. Perhaps an elaser, another tech we’re already developing as a long-range taser that basically entails taking advantage of the main shortcomings of lasers in atmosphere and using them to ionize a path through the air between gun and target, allowing one to conduct an electrical charge along it. They promise to offer a lot longer-ranged and more accurate alternative to current ranged electric weapons (like the tasers that fire out prongs and the taser shotgun shell) and of course they’re instantaneous or near enough. She could also build herself a coilgun or railgun, probably a pistol, this would allow her a lot of flexibility on lethality if she had a good power supply – it could fire a stream of nonlethal bbs at low velocity but very high fire rates to discourage and incapacitate enemies, or perhaps rounds containing something like pepper spray at high pressure inside a conductive ‘bubble’ just strong enough to survive the pressure and measured acceleration from the gun but not contact with an enemy’s skin. Having a load of pepper spray explode inside even a tiny open wound like the bleeding welts you get from getting shot by a bb gun would put most people down for the count. It could also however fire steel or copper coated tungsten penetrators at high velocity for penetrating body armor or lightly armored vehicles, or lead-cored steel or copper jacketed flechettes for regular anti-personnel use. Then there’s all the other high tech weapons that might be available after such a long time of even relatively slow technological growth – compact lasers that can adjust for atmosphere (right now ofc we need huge vats of chemicals to manage to get the right lasing medium to penetrate atmosphere well in any conditions, but that will change eventually), coherent plasma weapons, compact sonic weapons or pain beams, compact electromagnetic pulse weapons, the list goes on. That’s not even considering all the ancillary gear that could just make her job easier.

    Then of course there’s the rest of the logistics. Things like a network of button cameras to spot crime and to monitor her territory, using whatever advancements have been made in computerized threat assessment. Compact drones she could use to survey targets (maybe in the future they’ve managed to build good bug-sized infiltrator bots, or a superhumanly intelligent chick could bridge that gap) or to provide extra firepower from the air or even just a distraction to facilitate escape (and presumably if they have com implants they probably have either brain-machine interaces or something close enough to function as that with the addition of optical implants for monitoring your assets). All kinds of neat stuff you could do here, and gadgeteer types are just FUN to read about if the author can manage to write them well.

    Anyway, liking the story, sorry for the rant. Really want to see Alexis become more capable/powerful, as she’s not even in the right league for the challenges she’s facing now, not with her almost insignificant advantages. A lot could be fixed by her getting smarter tactics wise and going about things in a sensible fashion instead of just throwing herself at problems like she thinks she’s a main battle tank, but not all of it. Either way it’s a good read.

  10. Siebenacht says:

    I just wanted to tell you that i hugely enjoy your work and i like it as much as worm (really much). Sure, worm is ‘better’, but i like the setting of your story more. It’s making me excited again (just like with all the best stories) and i will be waiting for more with great hunger. Keep on being awesome!

    • agreyworld says:

      Wow, thanks for this comment. Really helped motivate starting again.

      Really glad you liked it.

      • Robert says:

        I miss this serial.
        Was one of my absolute favourites to follow. Know its unlikely at this stage but hope you are well and return to finish this story sometime in the future.
        In the meantime I will keep my bookmark around and check for more on occassion

      • agreyworld says:

        Sorry. I lost heart with my plans regarding the plot (suggestions are welcome). Also, a baby happened. It’s tough typing with a baby.

        I am still trying to figure out where to take it though…

      • taulsn says:

        Hey, I’m also a big fan. Grey World was definitely one of the better serials around, and I would love to see more. If you feel the urge to bounce plot ideas off of someone I have an IRC channel full of serial writers that enjoy doing just that.

  11. John Harris says:

    Your email address at gmail seems to be defunct.
    Would you have a working email address I can send a query to?

  12. Syndic says:

    Ah drat, I didn’t even check to see if this was still active before starting the archive binge…

    Well, despite a possibly unfinished story, I really enjoyed reading all this, so I’m kinda glad I didn’t. Thanks for the very good read, and in case you ever get back to this story, I’ll be very happy to get the notification about it from wordpress :)

    • agreyworld says:

      Thanks, glad you liked it. Been struggling continuing but still trying to work on it. Had a good idea last night…

      • Runner107 says:

        Thanks for a wonderful read, I’ve just went onto book/volume 4. I was going to wait for it to fill out before continuing but I then I seen you weren’t really adding any more chapters anytime soon.So just want to say I love your story, they’re a lot of web-serials out there but only a few such as this that draw you in to the minds of the characters that make you feel there emotions and thought process.It even has such amazing pacing that a good few books lack where you end up reading quickly and easily in fight scene and yet smoothly going back to slow and calm reading during the semi-peaceful scenes.I understand that this story, this hidden gem is unlikely to be finished as I know I wouldn’t be able to keep anything near this quality going while thinking up new and orangal ideas which is something good stories such as this suffer more from than others so thank you again for this brilliant read.

      • agreyworld says:

        Thanks a lot! Sorry it’s not still continuing. No idea why I’ve just hit a block with it. I still hope to continue at some point.

  13. i just found this and loved it. actually just finished up. this is well written and very enjoyable.

    i do hope you continue this story, this has been a favorite of mine.

    okay plot holes. First Mike and Beth are both cadets have been for years. All cadets will go through drills does not matter which type of cadet you are you start at the bottom and you hit drills. I am not seeing any thought put ahead to attacks. At the end i saw a short course on gun safety from beth that was all.

    this is the future there no toys except tablet and those electric cars so far… boys should have toys. mike is a rich lazy goof of a mafia guy the only thing i saw was a safe house and a big tv. also his little electronic lock pic.

    okay armor honestly that armor is pretty accurate for what us military was giving me when i was in the service minus the flexibility. there are civilian models that have that… you left this open ended on jim end so there room for cooler stuff however. it was implied that the gun store does not have anything that i could not find in a pawnshop.

    there was something about she was a him also. her father gave her a surgery so she would develop sexual organs in puberty and something about regeneration honestly i did not understand it to much. are you going to electrocute the boy/girl and have him grow a penis and balls or something. if so i cant wait for the identity crisis.

    for awhile there was a lot of talk about gates. and that pilot who went to a different place. i was thinking civil war. then they find developed alien civilization. and a few other things.

    can we get some power armor that like every boys dream sense anime came along. possible droids and robot warriors all the technology is already developed and i could easily see the mafia making some.

  14. well there political strife with Russia for certain. maybe mike make some money with a factory that make space fighter that are extremely easy to assemble and cheap with like a four day oxygen supple that he ships in shipping containers to Russia. call them mayfly’s or something.

  15. Nathan says:

    Just a little ping to let you know I’m still checking back on this story. Hell, it’s still in my bookmarks! Hope to see it continue one day, especially since there were so many unresolved plot threads.

  16. Prince says:

    Really Hope ya will pick this up and start writing, I started reading yesterday and today I found that I reached the end so-far and considering that the latest comment is from 2016 I hope ya havent forgotten about this.

  17. Prince says:

    Really Hope ya will pick this up and start writing, I started reading yesterday and today I found that I reached the end so-far and considering that the latest update is from 2016 I hope ya havent forgotten about this.

  18. Hi, just wanted to say I can’t wait for this story to start up again, it really is a gem. Alexis is someone I feel like I know. I’ve reread this story so many times, I feel like I grew up with it. Hope you’re still there.

  19. Julie says:

    I keep checking back hoping it’s been picked up again, I love this book!

    • Syndic says:

      Hmm, been ages (well, 6 years apparently^^) since I read this. Might be time for a re-read of what’s here – I don’t actually remember much of the story, but according to my own comment further up it seems I liked it too ;)

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