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Chapter 3.38

She… would she do that? Say where I, we were? They were the words of a threat. “Do I still have a choice?” she asked. Her hand fluttered to her throat again. I blinked as I my mind whirred from … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.37

I held her. It was the only thing I could do and it felt completely worthless. They shot him. Him. Her father was the only conclusion I could draw. After an eternity her ragged breathing calmed. Her rasping sobs slowed, … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.36 – New ending

If you haven’t read the usual Friday update go back and ignore this! I got a few comments from frustrated readers last chapter. And reading back, I agree with them. That was a bad place to cut off the chapter. … Continue reading

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Chapter 3.36

“Alex, where are you?” She was okay. Alright, maybe not okay, but alive. She was moving, speaking. Speaking to me. “Alex?” I never thought I’d hear her say my name again. How long had it been, a month? Her voice, … Continue reading

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