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Chapter 4.10

The door to the ground floor had been smashed in, a jagged hole where the bolt lock had been. I pushed a new magazine in my pistol, making a note to be more careful in future. Beth only had two, … Continue reading

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Chapter 4.09

With great care, Mike pulled the handle down on the door. I gritted my teeth at the click of the latch releasing – but it the sound barely travelled to my ears, it was unlikely they’d be able to hear … Continue reading

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Chapter 4.08

I gathered my bearings, and gave our new surroundings a quick scan. It was some kind of yard, piled high with junk. A sea of old smashed furniture and bits of twisted metal I couldn’t begin to identify, jutting from … Continue reading

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Chapter 4.07 – Interlude 28

“Ah, Arthur. Glad you could make it.” The Commander was on his feet, and shaking Arthur’s hand before he could make it a few steps into the room. “Come, take a seat- Ah.” The seat in question was piled high … Continue reading

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