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Chapter 1.14

I slept well that night, and the rest of the week even though school was getting close. I wondered whether to ring Beth – she had given me her number before I left. I couldn’t return the favour because we … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.13

“Hey!” I called out, feigning bravado. “You motherfucker, you sold me some of that shit and it put my brother in fucking hospital.” Maybe that would make the kid would think twice? The dealer turned to me. I suddenly realised … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.12 – Interlude 2

Captain Anton Vasiliev squeezed the precisely measured sachet of vodka into his plastic tumbler. Celebrating with a drink wasn’t the same without the clink of glass on glass. He cast his mind back to the proud moment when he had … Continue reading

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Chapter 1.11

I’d like to say a lot more happened over the holidays but I’d be lying. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy with nothing happening – I had some big changes in my life I had to process. I stayed … Continue reading

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