Chapter 2.29

“Move!” I ignored it. She wasn’t breathing. That meant I had to do it for her. I resisted the shove someone gave me. “Alexis! You don’t have a clue what you’re doing. I do. Move!”

She slapped me. It didn’t hurt but it forced my brain to register her. She was right… I had to let her do it. Tearing myself away from her was like ripping off a part of my body. Every instinct told me to carry on.

I watched her lay Beth out flat on her back and start rhythmic compressions on her chest. She only stopped counting under her breath to turn and shout “Get her phone, call an ambulance or something.”

Instructions. Something useful to do. Idiotically I forgot completely that I even had a phone. My head switched into its default state and it slipped my mind. I was patting her pockets, but they were empty.

It would be in her backpack maybe? Which would be in the car.

I scrambled to it on my hands and knees, not wasting time with standing up. My hands slipping in the blood and snow. The door was locked. I crawled in through the broken window. I didn’t need to look for her bag, her phone was just lying on the back seat. The screen was lit up.

Call duration: 3:23


I could already hear the tinny voice coming from it, picking it up I heard the tail end of what he was saying.

“…get my hands you I’m going to fucking rip your heart out and feed it to your family! Hello? Who the fuck is that? Bethany, are you there?”

“Mr Spencer.” I said. “Have you called-?”

“Where’s Bethany?”

I didn’t know what to reply to that. Did he mean literally where she was, or did he mean how she was? I didn’t have time for his bloody questions anyway.

“Sorry Mr Spenser, I need to call an ambulance.” I was just about to hang up when he replied.

“They are already on their way, ambulance? Is Bethany ok?”

“Beth.” I corrected with a whisper. I don’t know why. No one calls her Bethany except her mother.

“Who the fuck are you? Is my daughter okay?”

She’s not okay.

But I couldn’t say that, saying it would make it real, so I didn’t say anything.

“Who are you?”

I didn’t want him to know who I was. I was scared of him knowing. I liked my heart where it was. No, I didn’t give a fuck – without Beth, it was all worthless. All of this was worthless.

I couldn’t help her.

I just let the phone fall from my hands and cried.

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6 Responses to Chapter 2.29

  1. Nemrut says:

    That was a distressingly short chapter, a bit too short, actually.

    Liked the interlude, seeing Alex from outside, her wrath aimed at someone else must have been scary for the more or less sheltered teacher. A bit weird that she didn’t suspect those people at all, though. I mean, that sort of naivety doesn’t seem feasible for someone in that profession.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    • anonymus says:

      while i agree on the length of the chapter, i wouldn’t consider the update to short, due to the simultaneously added interlude

    • agreyworld says:

      Sorry about the chapter length, It was surrounded on both sides by interludes so I was a bit stuck what to do. Hope you read the previous interlude though – thought two might help reduce the blow

  2. anonymus says:

    thanks for the chapters
    the “previous chapter” link workes

    this is how i see the page

    …let the phone fall from my hands and cried.

    *Vote on top web fiction* {workes}

    Next Chapter [can’t do while I’m not here, check out the latest posts page{workes}]

    Previous Chapter{workes} [Manually created this, it might not work! Try the link above ^]
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    ← Chapter 2.28 – Interlude 10 {workes, this link is to the previous chapter, as do the links below the previous chapter work (to this chapter and the chapter 27), these are identical to your “next and previous chapter” links, just that they apparently work, even if you auto update it}
    One Response to Chapter 2.29

    • anonymus says:

      everything in { } is stuff that i wrote/ i only wrote in those

    • agreyworld says:

      Yeah, I noticed the “← Chapter 2.28 – Interlude 10” links a while back, maybe I don’t need to manually add them each time but I’m not sure about mobiles etc. I’ll have to check.

      Thanks though, I know I can link to things when I’m not here in future.

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