Chapter 1.16 Interlude 3

October 14th

The new student entered her office. She’d read the file over lunch but didn’t like to form any opinions on a ‘client’ before the first meeting.

First impressions? Physically, she was short, that usually lead to some power issues though typically only displayed in boys. She was worryingly thin though, she may have some eating problems? Anorexia was common in teenage girls. She looked awkward, but then almost every student looked like that for their first time, no it was worse than just being shy about going to the councillor. Her eyes kept darting about like a trapped rabbit. She was tapping out a pattern on the thumb of her right hand with her fingers.

She was going to have to be careful with this one.

“Hello, Alexis isn’t it? I’m Kayla Andrews” She said, offering a seat on one of the soft armchairs she’d fought for in her office. The girl sat down without saying anything. Well, let’s open some communication.

“Are you comfortable?” A question usually helps.

The girl glared at her as in answer. I’ll take that as a no then. Time to move on from a yes-no question.

“Can you tell me why you are here?”

If anything her glare got more angry. Her answer was to hand over a slip of paper.

“I’m required to attend 8 sessions of counselling. You are aware of the reason why. Please sign the table under session 1.” She said.

“Ok, here let me take that.” This was interesting. She signed the column marked “attended”. The form was clearly home made on a computer and printed out. It had 8 rows and columns with various times.

“Why did you feel the need to record your sessions yourself?”

The girl glanced up at her then grabbed her bag. “Do you mind if I read a book or something?”

“Yes, I do mind. You are here to speak to me.” She got a book out of her bag.

In her neutral tone she said “There is no requirement for interaction – just attendance.” She opened the book and began reading.

“I suppose I can’t stop you. What is it you’re reading?” The girl replied with another of her glares.

This was going to be tough.


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5 Responses to Chapter 1.16 Interlude 3

  1. Holly(Woods) says:

    Oohh interesting. Seeing Alexis from someone else’s point of view….

  2. She seems remarkably stoic compared to how much goes through her head. It’s interesting to see the other side of her character. Kinda explains some of the other interactions she’s had with other people.

  3. farmerbob1 says:

    I’m still rather shocked that the bullies still think she’s fair game. Those kids watch TV. Some of them saw the video, and there would certainly be more people who knew about it.

  4. ClickPause says:

    Bullies don’t like feeling lower than their victim. Seeing that video would make them all the more aggressive.

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